15 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas right back at you! I know you will be together with warm, friendly folk at BLM. Should be 80 today. ? ??????❄️

    • Merry Christmas, it was a pleasure to finally meet and share a piece of our life with you. Enjoy your travels and please kep in touch. Thanks for the ride for provisions..

  2. Getting ready to put the turkey in here; all our loved ones are snuggled in at home this year. No traveling because of the blizzard forecast. Mom and Dad spent Christmas Eve with us; today they are loaded with Christmas food and staying in their home. Love your Christmas decorations and the reflection on the water. Nice Touch. Merry Christmas to you!!! Love from the Daileys

    • Merry Christmas, we had a quiet day here. Friend from Montana over for steaks. Off tomorrow. We are reminded that life is a precious gift. Love to you both.

  3. Merry Christmas! We have so much snow here, and more coming down this Christmas morning! We have plans to drive down to Stevensville area to our daughter’s this afternoon if we can get out in our 4wd pickup! I am fighting a bit of a cold so have been staying in and doing all the helpful things. We’re burning lots of wood – spring can’t come too soon for me! Like the lights on Noodin’ . . .

    Faye and Bart

    • Pray you made it to your daughter’s safely. Family time is precious We had skype time with the grandchildren, a highlight of our day. Stay warm, we are off tomorroe. Thank you for following along.

  4. Merry Christmas to you both!! We are waiting for Em & Erik and the pups to arrive to open gifts. Olivia is on her way also. It looks very Norman Rockwell-ish with the snow falling (and piling up!).
    Jeff and I wish you a wonderful Christmas!!

    • So excited to hear you are all together, remembering playing presidents!!!!! Merry Christmas. We shared some skype time with Tom and family today a lot of fun to see their excitement. Thanks for the help with storage. Talk with you soon.

  5. Merry Christmas??. We are going to Sharon’s for Christmas this year and having a white elephant gift, so that should be interesting! Enjoyed seeing everyone’s Christmas trees, also enjoyed seeing Santa again . Have a very merry, merry Christmas ! We love you guys!

  6. Phebe and Ron,
    We are spending the winter here in MT at the cabin. The universe is right as we have taken your place. The winter is spectacular with all the tree covered and lots of snow. We skied today, Christmas day and it was blue sky and great to be alive. See what you are missing.
    Fair winds and calm seas,
    Bill and Linda

    • Glad you’re enjoying the winter wonderland. It was 75 today in Brunswick and can’t say that we’re missing the snow. We are, however missing our friends and family this holiday season. Planning on leaving here tomorrow for points south and will hopefully be in Florida waters for the sunrise. Take care.

  7. Nice work guys!
    I finally got on the tracker and I’ve been stalking you all day. The computer has been open on the counter and Jessika’s family is getting into watching your progress. I think it’s safe to say you accomplished the goal of a Florida sunset! Love you.

    • So much faster than the ICW! We’ll be here until we get the right weather for crossing the Gulf Stream then it’s off to the Abacos?

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