20 thoughts on “The Bahamas at last

  1. Finally some open ocean sailing – must be a relive to quit gunkholing around and get some wind in your sales. Happy new year.

  2. Just seen your post after climbing off roof at work 3′ of snow oh yes I am definitely jealous have fun you lucky dogs have klick for me when you get there

    • No snow here yet thank God. The clear, shallow water will take some getting used to again. I’m looking over the side thinking that we’re about to go aground and we’re still in 12′ of water. Crazy. Will clear customs tomorrow and then go on island time. Wish you were here. No worries mon.

  3. You guys are amazing you are our younger adventures you will love the Bahamas I hear . We leave tomorrow for Spanish Birgins we are in st Thomas now . The weather hasn’t been great here n swells big seas We would love to see ya❤️

    • Nice to hear from you. Hope you’re having a good season. It’s taken longer to get here than we hoped so some Bahamas exploration will have to wait for the next time. We’ve talked of Grenada so don’t rule out a visit from team Noodin before you head back to Montana.

  4. Been watching you cross the pond from Palm Beach to the Bahamas. Looking good. Looked like a long first night. Hope all is well, enjoy, as we get ready for skiganza.

    • How many for skiganza this year? We will certainly miss the fun in the snow. Should be an outstanding year. Everything here good, will clear customs tomorrow and then can start exploring

  5. We are so glad you’ve made it to the Bahamas safe and sound! We have been ‘watching’ you and praying for safe travels. Hope you are loving every minute of your retirement.

    • Thank you Andrea and Dan. All is well here and we are definitely enjoying our retirement. Is your retirement in the near future?

      • Baby steps have begun for retirement but, we’ll be a few years behind you. We love following your adventures. It looks like you have beautiful scenery to wake up to everyday. You can’ t beat that. Do you know how long you’ll be in the Bahamas? Or are ‘no plans’ the retirement plan? We appreciate you taking the time to keep your followers up to date. Safe travels!

        • Good luck with your retirement planning and making it happen. We don’t have definite plans for the length of our Bahamas visit but we’ll need to be somewhere else for hurricane season. Not sure yet where that will be yet though.

  6. Yea!! I’m enjoying some nice warm days in Texas right now while Bart deals with the cold and snow at home. Am helping with granddaughters until a new nanny is hired (or the other grandparents come to help). Looking forward to seeing pictures of the island… cheers! Faye

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