Technology at Work

When we were outfitting Noodin for this adventure we wanted to make her (and us) self reliant. Three things that we added to help with that were new sails, solar panels, and a watermaker. We have four 100 watt panels installed on the Bimini that provide the power that we need. The watermaker is a Spectra Ventura 200T that produces 8 gallons of water per hour from seawater. The watermaker is using the power of the sun to fill our tanks as we sail along today at 6 knots on our way to Rock Sound, Eleuthera. 

14 thoughts on “Technology at Work

  1. We are enjoying reading about your success with your set up and your adventures as you travel south. Will you head for Cuba or down Caribbean out of the hurricane zone? I keep looking for your friend Keith but have not seen him. Hope he is enjoying time on his new boat. Keep sharing your stories and pictures. Always fun to read.
    Fair winds,

    Crew of s/v Tango

    • Hello s/v Tango crew. Team Noodin doesn’t have a plan yet for hurricane season. Cuba is not in the discussion for this year. Keith decided to stay at Morning Star and he’s there doing boat work. What do you have ahead of you after Brunswick?

      • Motorcycle week in Daytona. Clayton wants to go to a cave diving thing down at one of the springs then we will return the van back to PA and return to Tango. Our insurance wants us not in FL after May so that is our only requirement. I would like to do the Smithsonian by water this year so that may push us north. Maybe New England for July and August.
        How are your zincs holding up? Were you able to resolve that question?
        Fair winds! ?

        s/v Tango.

        • Hello Tango! We’ve been out of touch for a bit at the Exuma Land and Sea Park at Warderick Wells. Have you guys left Brunswick ? We had talked about a visit to D.C. On our trip south but didn’t want to add the miles. Would have been special though. Zincs are doing great. Everything is still bonded but we eliminated the errant current path. It’s nice to be in water where we can dive and see what’s going on. Take care.

          • Good to see all the un you are having. ? We are still in Brunswick. Will be here for another month at least, I think. Once we do the Daytona Bike Week visit we will take the car north then get together with our accountant then get taxes done for year then travel back and get aboard for a travel aboard out of Brunswick.
            Clayton is dying to know what was your “errant current path”?

            Safe seas and hope you keep laughing. ?????

  2. Aw yiss, nice setup! I got two of those panels for the bimini. Also liked your Inreach setup, so I snapped up one of those before the new Garmin branded models came out with a big price increase. Thanks for blazing the way for us! Glad to see everything is going so well for you.

  3. 78 today in Rock Sound. Will be headed for the Exumas in a few days. We really like our panel setup. It’s worked just as it was supposed to. What are your plans for cruising? When, where, how long? Say hi to Bernice for us.

  4. Looks like all is going smooth, great to hear it. -22 in Shelby this AM Getting ready for skiganza this weekend, should be nice, lots of snow and a full moon. Any word on Brian and friend going with us. They are more then welcome.

    • It’s a hundred degree different right now and what is was in Shelby this morning. A no go for Brian. Send us a pic from the meadow. Have fun

  5. Hey Padre, Jess and I are considering making a trip your way (wherever that may be). Logistically, we might have some issues working it out. We’re in the process of applying for passports, but I think we might have maneuvered through the hoops. We’re banking on tax returns which seem to perfectly align with the rare occasion that we both have a complimentary Spring Break. I’m not sure the best way to get ahold of you guys at this point in time, but shoot me a message back when you get the chance. I have cancelled my phone, but Jessika is on hot standby and I’ll be watching this post closely as well.

    Love you guys,

  6. You guys sound great are you coming BVI way we have been to Spanish virgins and thinking about down island would love to see. You two

    • We’ve decided to head to the states for the summer so we’ll probably see at the Lake sometime. We just anchored for the day and am thinking about a little dip. Not quite used to being all salty after a swim. Not complaining though. When are you headed back to Montana?

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