The Garmin Tracker is No More

We want to let you know that we’ve cancelled our subscription for the Garmin satellite tracking service. I’ll be modifying the website menus to reflect that. Apologies to those of you who use and enjoy it but it just doesn’t make sense to pay for it now that we aren’t moving around much.

Hopetown Harbour

Getting to Know the Abacos

We’ve left a lot of the Abacos unseen on our previous Bahama trips as we’ve traveled through with other destinations in mind. This year life has conspired to keep us a little closer to home. While we are a little disappointed that we won’t see that beautiful Exuma water this season, we are excited to be able to take a more in-depth look at the Abacos. The water isn’t so bad here either.

The other day we were anchored off of Deep Sea Cay and found the beaches strewn with garbage. Many of the east facing beaches have a lot of debris that has drifted ashore from somewhere in or across the Atlantic. The beaches on Deep Sea Cay are located in a great spot to be enjoyed by cruisers so we took the opportunity to give back a little bit and cleaned up about 300 yards of beach. Most of the trash had obviously come off the ocean and most was plastic of some variety. We weren’t able to haul the garbage away but we were at least able to collect it and pile it out of sight.

Garbage on the beach at Deep Sea Cay

A Cleaner Beach

One of our three trash piles

Junkanoo at Green Turtle Cay

Junkanoo is a Bahamas street parade with dancing, music, and costumes held on Boxing Day and New Years Day. Green Turtle has Junkanoo on New Year’s Day and we made a point of staying for it. The normally quiet streets of the settlement of New Plymouth were filled with vendors and spectators. In typical Bahamian style, the parade started about an hour late giving everyone a chance to eat, drink, and enjoy each other’s company.