Team Noodin Gets Company

After returning from Seattle we had about a week before our son Mat and his girlfriend Christine came to visit. We spent a little time basking in the sun before beginning to make our way to Marsh Harbour where we would pick up the kids. Along the way we discovered that “the head” (aka toilet) was plugged and inoperable. I’ll spare you the gruesome details but we spent a large part of two days tearing things apart and cleaning deposits from the various hoses and fittings. Living the dream…… We got to Marsh a couple of days early to get settled in for some truly nasty weather. Marsh Harbour has great holding so its a popular place to go when the wind pipes up. We had some amazing downpours and winds up to 50 knots but we made it through unscathed.

Chart plotter showing true wind speed of 50 knots. That’s windy!

Wet and windy in Marsh Harbour

We visited a number of different places with Mat and Christine and they got to experience a little of what the cruising life is about. We walked a lot of beaches, watched turtles, sharks, and rays, snorkeled, fished, found and prepared conch, pet the rays, played games, drank rum, watched sunsets and so much more. We even sailed a little bit. A good time was had by all.

The intrepid voyagers at Man ‘O War Cay

Man ‘O War Beach

Mat and Christine at Man ‘O War

Mat and Christine at Man ‘O War

Atlantic Ocean at Man ‘O War

Mat getting checked out on his rental golf cart

Playing corn hole at the Hopetown lighthouse

Mat and his friend Up at the Hopetown lighthouse

Cleaning Conch by the book

Conch burger

15 thoughts on “Team Noodin Gets Company

  1. Nice Post. Great to hang with the kids. Linda and I have left MT and arrived in the UP on Sat. Starting to get boats ready for Isle Royale. Keep posting.

    • Nice to hear from you. I haven’t been able to talk Phebe into taking Noodin back to Lake Superior. We really enjoyed it there.

  2. Love seeing the update and all that sun and blue water. It’s been cold, gray and rainy up here in Minnesota. Clearly we came off the water too soon.

    • We have the gray and rain here in Rock Sound now. We’ll probably start our slow move north this weekend. Are there wedding plans?

  3. Enjoyed your post [as always] and the great action photos. We found MOW delightful. The little museum and coffee shop was a nifty stop. Sorry to hear of your head issue. Have had that happen after having guests aboard. Since we’ve switched to a composting head, I doubt we would be inclined to ever go back to a traditional hand pump toilet. Never a clog or a broken joker valve.

  4. Oh yes the head! We had issues & yes right before company lucky they weren’t on the same plug up schedule!!
    And 3oo$ we are all working.
    We will leave in 2 weeks for Mt. It’s time but we have enjoyed it here a lot!

    • We’re looking forward to meeting up with you and hearing about your adventures. We’ll be leaving Great Harbour Cay in the Berry’s on Saturday and sailing for Lake Worth. It should take about 25 hours and after that we’ll head north to Georgia and put Noodin to bed for the summer.

  5. I’m so glad Mat and Christine got to come spend time with you!! It looks like you all had fun (except for the toilet thing in all it’s gruesome glory!). So how is conch (no, don’t say it tastes like chicken!!).

    • So, for me conch is probably something I’m not going to order when I go to eat. The main ways to prepare conch are conch fritters (dough ball with conch), cracked conch (pounded to doilie status and fried, or conch salad. We met some Bahamians who had just harvested a conch and they invite us to join them for “short scorched conch which was very good. Probably 15 minutes from the sea to eating it. Basically raw with a liberal application of citrus juices.

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