What’s in a Name

Our Cabo Rico came to us with an unusual name, “Jiibay Na Noodin”. The previous owner shared a story about the owner before who was Ojibwe Indian and hailed from Lake Orion, Michigan. The story went that it was Ojibwe custom to go before the tribal council to name things of importance. Evidently the Ojibwe were sailors and recognized a Cabo Rico as something of importance. We researched Ojibwe language on line and learned that Jiibay means “ghost” or “spirit” and “Noodin” means wind or it is windy. Thinking that this meant “Wind Spirit” or something similar, we were still unsure of the meaning of the name. I contacted a couple of folks familiar with Ojibwe and one of them suggested that the meaning could be “Ghost Wind”. Thinking “what the heck is a ghost wind”, I went back to Google and learned that Ghostwinds were indian war horses with some very admirable traits. Traits that would also be admirable in an ocean going sailboat. A couple of quotes from the web.

“Ghost Wind horses carried big medicine. Along with their stealth, they were exceptionally intelligent. They were trained to be fierce combatants, but, like warrior-poets, they were also renowned for their complacent and docile nature.” Their value to the tribe was known to be greater than that of any human”

“Considered to be forever wild, a Ghost Wind was never “owned,” but simply watched over by a caretaker or custodian. Still, its training was intense. It could be counted on to continue an attack against a foe, even after its rider had fallen. Yet, such was the training and nature of this forceful warrior that, returning directly from the violence of warfare, a small child could handle it. A noble spirit, indeed.

We’re not 100% sure of the meaning, but I’m happy to believe that we are caretakers of Jiibay Na Noodin, “Ghostwind”.

We have changed her USCG registered name to “Noodin”, her nickname. “Noodin” by itself means something similar to “it is windy” or “the wind blows”, so this could be a fitting name by itself. But her name will never change and her full name will always be on the boat. The documented name change came about because I wasn’t eager to spell out her full name for a bridge tender or the coastguard. “Juliet, India, India, Bravo, Alpha, Yankee, November, Alpha, November, Oscar, Oscar, Delta, India, November” is just to much to say on the radio. “November, Oscar, Oscar, Delta, India, November” will be plenty.

"Ghost Wind"
“Ghost Wind”

2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name

  1. 100% ghost wind. But I hate to tell you the owner was not in them, more of a mix of Welsh and Norse. ☺️ But he loved a living story.


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