Moving to the Tiny House

We sold our 3,000 square foot foot house and moved into a 1,500 square foot rental.  I’m not sure how to measure the size of the new “house” but it’s well under 300 square feet. An example of the downsizing is the barbecue grills. The large scale grill has been sold and replaced with the new boat grill. The size is different but so far the meals have been just as good. When we get things figured out a little more, we’ll plumb the new grill to the ship’s propane tanks and ditch the little green bottles.

Old GrillOld Grill

New Grill
New Grill

We’ve been working hard on a number of different fronts but haven’t completed a lot of projects. We did get the SSB install done and I think it’s going to work out fine. We’ve got a little  30′, 14- gauge antenna rigged up and we’ve tuned people on both coasts  so I think it’s done mostly right.ICOM M802


Mounting Shelf Below Nav Desk
Mounting Shelf Below Nav Desk

Phebe has made great progress on recovering the interior cushions. I expect next weeks post to show the new interior look with all new cushions.

Our water maker arrived the other day but likely won’t get installed until we’re underway. We won’t be able to use it until we’re in the ocean so we have some time.

Spectra 200T Watermaker
Spectra 200T Watermaker

We’ve made progress on selling the possessions but still have a ways to go. Frankly, we’re to the point where it just needs to go. We’re looking for a young family that we could give some of it to. We’ve also started organizing what comes with and it’s starting to look like a large pile. More on that later.

One thought on “Moving to the Tiny House

  1. Hey, FCCC annual Rummage Sale is this weekend if you’d like to donate some stuff. Colleen says she can get someone to pick up things from people. Her cell is 240-1504. We have a pickup also, and could possible come get stuff if we knew yr address. 🙂


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