Oops, sorry about that and a trip to Raspberry Island that wasn’t

We were getting ready for a few days away from the dock with a destination of Raspberry Island in mind. Last minute provisions (beer) were purchased and stowed and water was taken on. I got the kayak tied on the davits like you see in the banner picture on the blog site. We had a pretty good east wind that had us pinned tight to the dock so we discussed a plan to get away from the dock. While not perfect, the plan would have worked fine except for that long kayak strapped to the stern. As we pulled away, the kayak was still overhanging the dock enough to flatten a small dock light on the end of the pier. Oops. I’m sure the light still worked but it had a funny new angle.
 We stopped at the fuel dock and topped up with diesel, pumped out the holding tank, and confessed about the light. We made it away from the fuel dock with no drama and set off for Raspberry Island.

The predicted winds would make it a good place to spend the night. The forecast was for easterly a 5-10 moving to the south over night. We sailed a bit in light winds until they died and then motored for a bit. The wind came up again but nearly behind us now so we started sailing again. The sailing was smooth and we were headed in the right direction. After a few minutes we noticed that the true wind speed had risen to over 20 knots and we still had all the sail up. It was smooth sailing but probably a bit too much sail. We rounded the north side of Raspberry Island hoping to find calmer winds and an anchorage on the western shore. It wasn’t in the cards as the wind was wrapping around the island so we made our way to Raspberry Bay. The wind died later in the evening and we were treated to a beautiful sunset. Not sure what today will bring but hopefully we will get to a new island or two.

5 thoughts on “Oops, sorry about that and a trip to Raspberry Island that wasn’t

    1. Hi Mary. Hope retirement is going well for you. Glad we’re making you jealous. What I don’t write about is all the work that’s been going on. Notice that we’ve been in Bayfield for about a month and we’ve only sailed a few days.


  1. Nice to see you adopting our local Apostle Island norms! The anxiety of marginal anchorages and knocking down the poorly placed light post on the transient dock. Thanks for the beer and the stories.

    Matt, sv Bernoulli


    1. Matt – We really enjoyed meeting you and Bernice and spending a little time with you. Hopefully we’ll see you again before we depart (and also in the Bahamas in 2018).


  2. I had checked “Notify me of new posts by email.” and never received any. I’m glad I checked in and found you and Phebe to be sailing. Thinking of you both.



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