We’re Really Doing it

Our current sailing adventure has gone through many stages. In the beginning it was just a romantic dream that included white sandy beaches and beautiful blue waters. Then it was on to the planning stage which was a step toward reality as we learned or realized that that there was a lot to be done before we could sail off into the sunset. Then came all the work. Downsizing, selling the house, moving, working on the boat, downsizing, moving, working on the boat. Lots of downsizing and lots of working on the boat. Well, tomorrow is the day that we cast off the dock lines and take the next giant step in the adventure. We’ll be departing the Apostle Islands Marina tomorrow afternoon and heading to the nearby islands for a night or two to regroup and rest before setting off for Isle Royal. We think we have a weather window Saturday and Sunday for the 80 mile open water crossing. We think we’ll depart around 7:00 in the evening Saturday and should arrive at Windigo on Isle Royal by noon on Sunday. It will be our first open water experience on Lake Superior and our first night time crossing. Kind of a big deal.

Bayfield to Isle Royal

Bayfield to Isle Royal

After a few days at Windigo, we expect to sail into Canada and begin our exploration of the Canadian shore of Lake Superior. The Canadian shore is extremely remote with limited services (read no phone or internet) and we could well be out of touch for 4 to 6 weeks. We’ll be in touch when we can but it could be a while.

We’ve been provisioning the boat with food, beverage, and additional fuel and could probably be self sufficient for our entire time on Lake Superior if we had to be. Anyway, we’re off to the showers and hopefully a good nights rest before heading off tomorrow. I promise we’ll have some awesome pictures and stories in the future.

Some of the Dry Goods




Refrigerated Goods
Refrigerated Goods

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