Alive and Well in Rock Harbor (7-10)

We made it safely to Isle Royal a week ago and have been moving around the island. We’re currently sitting in the Rock Harbor Lodge taking advantage of some free but sketchy Internet. I tried to post some blogs with pictures included but it didn’t work so all you get is this crummy text. We’ll be departing here tomorrow for Canada so it will be a while before you hear from us again. All is well aboard Noodin. Isle Royal is a beautiful place.

5 thoughts on “Alive and Well in Rock Harbor (7-10)

  1. We are happy that all is well with you! Did you have enough beer for your voyage?!
    We are currently in Wisc at the Road America race track.
    Best of luck for your sail to Canada!!


    1. Beer we have but good beer not so much. Hopefully we find some decent beer in Canada because the Rolling Rock just isn’t going to cut it for long. Thanks for the good wishes.


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