Our Time in Windigo (July 3rd – July 6th)

To show what a small world we live in, we met up with an internet friend when we got to Windigo. Bill lives in Michigan’s upper peninsula and happened to be on Isle Royal diving wrecks with some friends. We shouted him out on the radio the evening of our arrival and he came by for a beer and invited his to his boat for a delicious dinner the following evening. His was great to meet up with Bill again and to have him share his knowledge of Isle Royal and the Canadian shore of Lake Superior.
 Before visiting Bill, we needed to get our dinghy inflated and the motor on which all went better than we hoped. Our dinghy is the cruising sailor’s version of the family car. Ours is a used Achilles 9′-6″ inflatable with a high pressure inflatable floor. The 8hp Yamaha 2-stroke really makes her scoot. We haven’t named her yet so let us know if you have a suggestion.

Windigo is one of two places on Isle Royal that has amenities such as she’s wears and flush toilets. We weren’t quite in paradise but it was sure nice. We did a little hiking at Windigo and went to Grace overlook which gives a view of the f the island’s interior and also south over Lake Superior. It was beautiful. The island reportedly is home to 2400 moose but so far all we’ve seen is this antler.

The night after our dinner with Bill we had our gourmet meal on board to celebrate our successful Lake Superior crossing. Filet mignon and our last bottle of homemade wine.

On to Chippewa harbor tomorrow.

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