Battle Island (July 20-21)

Location: 48°45.3’N, 87°33.1’W

Battle Island Light
Battle Island Light

The plan was to leave Woodbine Harbour, stop at Battle Island to see the lighthouse, and then continue on to the town of Rossport and possibly spend the night there. We entered the anchorage at Battle Island only to find that the wind was blowing hard enough to take the enjoyment out of anchoring and rowing ashore. Reluctantly we headed back out through the reefs and pointed the boat at Rossport. Rossport was reported to be a little “artsy” community that we thought would be fun to visit. After tying up to the town pier we met a local sailor named Larry who told us over a beer that the town wasn’t what it used to be and many of the business were closed. So much for staying at Rossport.

Back we went toward Battle Island and ended up anchoring there. By then the sun had come out and we had the little oasis all to ourselves. It was nice enough that we ended up spending two nights there without seeing another soul. We hiked to the lighthouse a couple of times and imagined what it would have been like to be the light keepers who lived there in the past. Back at the CPR Slips we had heard a story about a particularly violent storm where the crashing waves had thrown rocks from the beach through the windows of the lighthouse. Incredible.

Battle Island Light from the Beach
Battle Island Light from the Beach
Light Keepers House - Nobody Home
Light Keepers House – Nobody Home



The views from near the lighthouse were amazing as was the view from our anchorage. This was definitely a favorite spot.

View from Just Below the Lighthouse
View from Just Below the Lighthouse
Rocky Shore Near the Lighthousse
Rocky Shore Near the Lighthouse
Noodin at Battle Island
Noodin at Battle Island





2 thoughts on “Battle Island (July 20-21)

  1. This looks grrrrr8. Will try and share with the folks as they r here in Shelby. 90 degrees. Hot. Will be heading back to nd tomorrow.
    Be safe!!!


  2. Wow! I can certainly see why that was a favorite spot! Good thing you took the time to go back! Can you just IMAGINE being lighthouse keepers?!
    As always, your pictures are great, and it’s always fun to see where you are.

    All is well here. Em’s wedding is about a month away and we are looking forward to seeing Tom, Mat and Brian and families!
    Hugs to you both!


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