Woodbine Harbour (July 19th)

Location: 48°45.2’N, 87°43.3’W

The sun was high in the sky as we left the CPR slips which made navigating the shallows easier. Woodbine Harbour was the day’s destination and was a relatively short jaunt. The wind was light so it was yet another day of listening to the drone of the diesel. The rock face shown below is typical of the shoreline of both the islands and the mainland along Lake Superior’s Canadian shore.

Typical Rock Cliff
Typical Rock Cliff

We found the entrance to Woodbine Harbour and made our way inside. The bright sunshine again made navigating through the few shoals straight forward.We jockey around a bit but eventually found a place to anchor where there was adequate room for the boat to swing without hitting the shore. We had the anchorage to ourselves.

Woodbine Harbour Outer Entrance
Woodbine Harbour Outer Entrance
In the Channel to Woodbine
In the Channel to Woodbine

We had heard from a couple of sources that there was a canoe at Kenny Lake, which was about a half mile hike from our anchorage at Woodbine Harbour so we decided to go check it out. As it turned out, the canoe was owned by Murry, a man that we met at the CPR Slips. It was a fairly easy hike once we found the hunters trail that would lead us to the lake. The lake itself was beautiful and we were able to exercise the canoe a bit before making our way back to Noodin.

Kenny Lake
Kenny Lake
Murry's Canoe at Kenny Lake
Murry’s Canoe at Kenny Lake

3 thoughts on “Woodbine Harbour (July 19th)

  1. Nice love hearing from you !!
    Great adventures the lake looks absolutely beautiful . Lookimg good Ron!! Weather changing here fall has begun !!
    Be Safe God Bless
    Love Patty and Tom


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