Beauty Cove (July 29th-30th)

Gargantua Harbour was to be the next stop after leaving Quebec Harbour. Gargantua was once again reported to be a beautiful and well protected anchorage. Lake Superior was as flat as we had seen her since we made our crossing to Isle Royale as we motored our way back to the mainland. As we neared Gargantua the wind piped up to a rousing 15-20 knots. The northwest wind left the Gargantua anchorage protected but there really wasn’t a decent place to anchor because of the depth contours. A quick consultation of Bonnie Dahl’s book and our chart plotter had us steaming south for Beauty Cove (47°30.1’N, 84°52.8’W) which we hoped would provide our shelter for the night.

Beauty Cove - A Small Gem
Beauty Cove – A Small Gem

It turned out that Beauty Cove was awesome. It was deserted except for us and had the clearest water that we had seen on Lake Superior. On top of that, it was finally warm enough to dive off the boat and swim. It was totally exposed to the southwest so we had to watch the weather while we were there but we managed to stay for two wonderful nights.

Noodin at Beauty Cove
Noodin at Beauty Cove

We hiked to a short ways to the open lake on the west side of the cove and get to check out some of the rock formations up close. Beauty Cove was definitely a favorite stop.

Looking West Over the Big Lake
Looking West Over the Big Lake


The Rocks were Amazing
The Rocks were Amazing


Happy that it finally feels like it's summer
Happy that it finally feels like it’s summer





5 thoughts on “Beauty Cove (July 29th-30th)

  1. Thanks we really enjoy your adventures!!
    You guys look great !! Soon enough you will be in the Bahamas enjoying the warmth
    Be Safe God Bless
    Love Tom & Patty


  2. I think I felt my stomach roll as you described the “Three Sisters” waves. Other than that, I’m happy you finally found a bit of summer to enjoy so you could swim! As always, we love your pictures and enjoy following your adventure!!

    Love to you both


    1. We’re finding that each lake has it’s own sibling waves. Superior was the sisters. Huron’s we dubbed “the brothers”. The siblings here on Erie haven’t been named yet. Thanks for following along.


  3. Enjoying your posts. Wow, what an awesome adventure! You two are definitely ‘living the dream’. Thanks for sharing with us. I’ll catch up more with you via email.


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