You can now follow us via satellite

Sorry that I’ve been so poor at this blogging stuff. You’ll be happy to know that we are no longer in Waterford, NY but we are in fact making our way south. All is well here. We’ve been watching the leaves change color in every state from New York to South Carolina and have been dodging winter so far. We’re currently anchored in Charleston Harbor, staged for a run offshore that will take us at least to Cumberland Island, Georgia, and perhaps farther if the weather allows. We now have a Delorme Inreach satellite tracking device aboard so you can come with us without needing seasickness meds. Just go to the “Maps and Weather” tab on this website and you can see our latest position.

I’m not making any promises about being a better blogger but hopefully you’ll be hearing more from Noodin before long. The dolphin pictures are from our last offshore passage from Beaufort, NC to Charleston


One of many dolphins that came to play.
Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of a dolphin?

3 thoughts on “You can now follow us via satellite

  1. Wow, that satellite map etc. is cool! Being a landlover… that big expanse of blue looks daunting to me! Bart liked it in his submarine days. Glad you are enjoying it. I’m not really enjoying the big snow dump we just got here. It’s nearly to the top of my Pac boots and more predicted. At least we’ll have a cold white Christmas! Yours will probably be warm blue? 🙂 May God bless and keep you safe and healthy! All this new technology, maybe one day we’ll be able to sail with you Live Stream… !
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Faye and Bart


  2. Very cool to be able to see the satellite locations. You know me and dolphins, I LOVE those pictures and am JEALOUS!! Phebe, it was great to be able to chat with you the other day and hear your voice!
    Hugs to you both! Stay safe,
    Love, Laura


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