Goodbye Abacos, Eleuthera here we come – watch the blue dots move Wednesday 

We’ve already been in the Abacos for nearly two weeks. Tonight we are anchored at Lynyard Cay with 15 other boats preparing for a 60 mile passage to the island of Eleuthera at first light. Our stay in the Abacos has been fun but marked by a couple of cold fronts that had us hiding from the wind. Hopetown was a favorite as we had time to explore the lighthouse and go for walks and a bike ride. 

Hopetown Light House

Lynyard Cay Anchorage 

12 thoughts on “Goodbye Abacos, Eleuthera here we come – watch the blue dots move Wednesday 

      1. Just so you have something fun to read when you get there: I looked up tickets for Netty and I to come see you, $5,400 to the North end of Eluethera; Watching your dots this morning, looks like your almost to the North end; Hope its AWESOME 🙂 Gotta be weird out in the middle of no where with no land in sight??


      2. That’s crazy expensive. It was a nice crossing and yes we were out of sight of land the entire way. It’s not really so weird anymore. We started out on Lake Superior where we could always see land in some direction but there was open water in most. It was a nice introduction to being out of sight of land.


    1. Don – We had a nice sail. One tack the entire way. Wind was just forward of the beam at about 13-18 knots. The downside was pretty decent sized seas just aft of the beam which made for a rolly ride.


    1. Hope the chain plates go well. It’s been cold here too. Low 60’s at night and low 70’s during the day. I’m sure there’s no sympathy from those up north.


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