Returning to Where it Started 

Team Noodin in Elizabeth Harbour

On March 3rd we rolled into Elizabeth Harbour on Great Exuma Island. Seventeen years before, Phebe and I vacationed here and it was the spark that got this crazy sailing idea started. This is a beautiful place but what makes it unique is the number of cruising sailboats that gather here each winter. We had rented a Boston Whaler for snorkeling and sightseeing and as we cruised through the anchored sailing fleet we talked about someday doing the same thing on our own boat. Of course we had never sailed but you should never let details get in the way of a dream. It was a special moment as Team Noodin sailed into the harbour and joined the fleet. 

Part of the Fleet Upon Arrival

7 thoughts on “Returning to Where it Started 

  1. You both look so happy and healthy! What a great photo. We can report that Bayfield is still cold and gray. We painted the bottom of Bernoulli last weekend. On Saturday it was 70 degrees. Sunday morning — it was snowing!! We’re enjoying seeing and reading about your adventures.


    1. Nice to hear from you Bernice. How are your cruising plans coming along? Please keep us informed. We were reading your reply yesterday when a dolphin swam by. I jumped in with a splash to see if he would turn around. Sure enough he did and we ended up having a wonderful swim with him. What curious and amazing creatures they are.


    1. Darn phone decided to go nuts and delete comments. Sorry. We’re looking forward to seeing you this summer. Not sure when but we’ll be there.


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