Noodin is on the Move – Watch the Blue Dots Move

It’s with decidedly mixed feelings that we’ve pointed Noodin’s bow north. Destination St Mary’s, GA sometime in June. 

5 thoughts on “Noodin is on the Move – Watch the Blue Dots Move

  1. Fair winds, Team Noodin! May the winds and the seas be at your back and may porpoise dance on your bow wave. Off shore sure smells better than many locations on land. ? Crisfield is a crab town and the wind started to come from the crab processing plant this morning. That is sure to drive us out tomorrow. ?


    1. Had a great day even though we didn’t have sailing wind. Dodged the squalls and got 50 miles. Nothing like stench to ruin a good harbor…….


  2. You guys heading home? Be sure we keep in touch . We haul out on the 17 and head home next day
    It’s time kind of home sick.


    1. We’re looking to haul out in Georgia mid-June and then head for the northwest for a few months. We’ll definitely look you up.


  3. Looks like a great time with Matt! How nice he got to join you. Enjoy your last month or so on the seas and then your reunion with family. It would be fun to see you if you make it this direction. Thanks for taking the time to post updates. We look forward to them!
    Happy sails!


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