Team Noodin Gets to Entertain Again

Three days after Mat left for frosty North Dakota, our son Brian and his girlfriend Jess arrived from Idaho for a visit. When Mat visited Noodin he got to have a taxi ride from the airport to the dinghy dock at Exuma Market and then a ride in the dinghy out to Noodin which was anchored nearby. Brian and Jess got to experience a little more local flavor and got to have the taxi ride but also had to take the water taxi to our anchorage across the harbor. 

Arriving by Water Taxi

The reason for the water taxi was that it was too windy to anchor nearby to pick them up. This also meant that it was too windy to do many of the things that they hoped to do. Fortunately it wasn’t too windy to get to shore for a some beach walks and catching a few (too many) rays. 

On the Beach on the Exuma Sound Side of Stocking Island

We snorkled several different places after the wind abated. The best were the cuts between the harbor and the sound where the water clarity was better and the coral was healthier. Snorkeling the cuts did provide a little adventure with the waves breaking over us but it was a great time. 

Brian Taking a Wave
Mr Go Pro on the Hunt
Grandma Gets to Snorkel Too

We had a nice but rolly sail around Stocking Island and had a nice fish on for a bit as we were coming back through the cut. Note to self: tacking with a fish on gives him slack enough to avoid the dinner table. 

The day of Brian and Jess’s departure we had an incredible dolphin encounter. Phebe spotted a couple of dolphin swimming near the boat and they stayed around long enough that we encouraged Brian and Jess to dive in and swim with them. They did and swam with them for 20 minutes or so before coming back to the boat. The dolphins weren’t ready to leave yet so we all had more chances to swim with them. All in all, we were probably in the water with them for an hour but they stayed near the boat for about 3 hours. Incredible!

Ask Brian to Show You His Dolphin Videos

5 thoughts on “Team Noodin Gets to Entertain Again

  1. Thank you guys so much! We had such an amazing time, even though we may have gotten a little too much sun 😉
    We really appreciate the opportunity you two gave us, and it was amazing spending so much time with you.
    Can’t wait to see you again, and we hope you are enjoying your final days in The Bahamas!!

    Brian and Jess


    1. We enjoyed having you guys with us and getting to know you Jess. It was all fun but swimming with the dolphins was extra special. We were anchored at Monument Beach after you left and had a single dolphin swim past. I dove in with a big splash to see if he’d turn around and he did. Phebe got in and joined us and we had a very nice swim with him. He wasn’t feeding or anything. He just wanted company. Very cool. We’re working our way north through the Bahamas and will be back to the Abacos tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you guys this summer.


  2. All sounds wonderful our time to head north is approaching . We came in to the marina today and tomorrow begin getting her read for pull out . We had a great time and it has gone fast. Your lives will be changed for ever after all this adventure as we feel ours are too! Call us if you come to Montana!


    1. We plan on coming to Montana and want to get together with you guys to hear about your adventures. We made an addition to the fleet a little while ago. We bought a 36′ motorhome for our summer travels. Think we can get it up to your place?


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