Team Noodin Heads for the US

Team Noodin is departing the Bahamas Tuesday morning bound for Jacksonville, Fl. This will be about 300 miles and approximately 50 hours. Watch the dots move in the Gulf Stream. 

7 thoughts on “Team Noodin Heads for the US

    1. We have. He says all should be good with the exception of some possible squalls. He didn’t make it sound too bad though. Where are you guys?


      1. We put Tango in her slip at Lankford Bay Marina in Rock Hall, MD, changed oil and did general TLC and came home to mow grass and beat back shrubbery. Haha. Since we are catching up on doctors apts and other meetings and it has been raining cats and dogs, we have been enjoying living in a house, cooking in a full kitchen and having trash pick up. ? Have to admit I am missing time on the water and am hoping to get appointments over and maybe have the sun come out.


  1. Heard you guys talking to Chris Parker this morning from the home radio shack. Hope you got the forecast that will work well for you. Safe travels. Rain has finally stopped here so will run down to the boat after a dentist apt tomorrow. ?Take care and smooth sailing.


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