On the Water Again

 Team Noodin is on the water again but before I share about that I need to apologize for leaving you hanging at the end of our last sailing season. I still hope to share a couple of stories but for now it’s best to move forward. We put Noodin to bed in St Marys, GA in June and set off in our new 2007 Toyota Corolla for a Rendezvous with our new 2000 36’ motorhome. This is a sailing blog so I won’t go into details of our summer but we spent it tooling around the northwest visiting family and friends. Many thanks to everyone who put up with us and helped us along the way. We got back to Noodin the last week of October and found her in good shape after her brush with hurricane Irma. We spent the better part of three weeks making repairs , washing, waxing, and provisioning for an extended trip to the Bahamas. While at the boatyard we met new friends and enjoyed spending time with our friends from last season. We’re currently at anchor at Cumberland Island, Georgia planning an overnight passage tomorrow night to St Augustine, Florida. More on that later. In a the meantime we have pictures. 

11 thoughts on “On the Water Again

  1. Good to hear from you Ron and Phebe. Tango is on the hard for the winter so we will enjoy traveling with you this winter. Clayton is still interested in your prop pitch. You certainly get greater speed under engine than we do. Have a great time and share your adventures. Fair winds and calm seas. Noodin is looking good. ?


    1. Thanks Leslie. If Clayton will remind me in the spring I’ll see if I can figure out the prop pitch. Hopefully you guys find a way to make a warm weather escape. We lived on the hard for 3 weeks so it feels so good to be floating again. Keith is anchored beside us here on his way to the St. Marys boatyard. We plan leaving here about 10:30 tonight for a trip to St Augustine. Not supposed to be much wind but that’s ok for a first time out.


  2. I wondered what you folks had been doing! Good to hear from you – Happy sailing and keep the stories and pictures coming. We are having early snow and cold here in Montana now. Looks like it may be a long, cold winter. 😦
    Faye and Bart


  3. Happy sailing to you two! No Odin looks great & so do you guys- fun to follow along keep us posted. Calm seas & happy times❤️


  4. Nice you are back on the water hoping we can catch up . We are not that far from St. A. so maybe on the return trip we will see you 🙂


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