It was time to move on from the Abacos after a truly wonderful stay there. Eleuthera was to be the next stop and we had plans to make the passage with friends on Bernoulli when the weather allowed the 50nm open ocean passage. The ocean was currently being spirited with fairly large swell coming from the east while the Sea of Abaco was to get fairly strong winds from the northwest. Team Noodin made the decision to hide from the northwest winds in the “Bight of Old Robinson”, a large bay near the cut we would go through to get to Eleuthera. This ended up being a poor decision as some of the ocean swell made it through to our anchorage. Swell is not so bad if it comes from the direction of the wind but in this case it didn’t. Noodin pointed into the wind and the swell was hitting us on the beam (side) creating a miserable combination of pitching and rolling. Something I call random 3-dimensional motion. We spent 2 nights there and before we had left I started taking sea sickness meds which we don’t usually take even while at sea. Bernoulli joined is the 2nd night and the following morning it was out the Little Harbour Cut and off towards Eleuthera. Phebe got our fishing gear in the water as soon as we were through the cut and immediately hooked up with a nice little Mahi. The little ones are called “chickens” here but it tasted nothing like chicken.

Phebe with Her Mahi
Phebe’s Mahi

Sailing conditions to Eleuthera were a bit of a mixed bag with good sailing wind much of the time only to be interrupted by lighter winds which made it necessary to motorsail. Fairly large swell would come and go making for some interesting visuals. Pictures never do waves justice so there aren’t any this time. We arrived at Royal Island Eleuthera well before dark and enjoyed a wonderful Mahi dinner with Matt and Bernice from Bernoulli. The next morning it was off early to get through Current Cut at the appropriate time and then on to our anchorage at the Glass Window Bridge where we would part ways with Bernoulli. It was not without a little sadness as we watched them sail away.

Bernoulli and Crew at Royal Island

Team Noodin had been on a schedule last year because we had agreed to meet family in Georgetown. As wonderful as it is to have family and friends aboard, it does add to the stress when you have an airplane to meet somewhere. Traveling by water requires cooperative weather which can’t be counted on here in the Bahamas.This year Team Noodin has no commitments and we are literally free to go where the wind will take us. Last year we had a quick trip through Eleuthera and this year we took our time. We found a favorite little anchorage at a place called Ten Bay and hung out there a couple of different times for probably 10 days total. We snorkeled the rock ledges, played bocce, and enjoyed the company of people that we met on the beach. We especially enjoyed meeting Tom and Cathy, from Wichita, who were staying in a cottage on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island. We were treated to a trip to their cottage and we took them sailing for a day. Beach bocce lessons were given but no money changed hands.

Beach Bocce at Ten Bay
Ten Bay Sunset
Calm Morning at Ten Bay


Eleuthera Ocean Beach


Beach at Palmetto Point


The local phone company had a promotion going that allowed us to stream the Superbowl aboard Noodin. The screen was small but the nachos and the IPA’s were great. The game was pretty good too!

Super Bowl aboard Noodin at Ten Bay

We fish whenever we get the chance but definitely prefer deeper water to the banks. The deep water gives the opportunity for the bigger fish. Decent fish can be caught on the banks too but very often you’ll hook a barracuda. This one that we caught near Rock Sound was the biggest one so far.

Big Barracuda
Moo Cow Fishes at Rock Sound

Wehunkered down at Rock Sound for about 5 days while we waited out some windy weather. We enjoyed walking around the settlement and visiting with the friendly people. We saw more chickens roaming the streets of Rock Sound than any other settlement which is saying something. Phebe fished quite a bit but the only real luck was catching these crabs that were trying to steal her bait. From Eleuthera it would be on to the Exumas.

Rock Sound Crabs
Another Rock Sound Chicken

23 thoughts on “Eleuthera

  1. Good to hear from you, Ron and Phebe! Wonderful pictures and it looks like Phebe is the accomplished fisher person. ?. Noodin looks great floating in that blue green water. I am eager to get Tango in a similar photo. The images of big waves hitting Eleuthera at the Glass Bridge yesterday as seen on FB are pretty scary. Waves coming over the dune onto the road were shown in video. ????. Pretty amazing. We have been in this nor’easter with winds in the 60’s here in SE PA. Lots of trees down and many without power. One of the marinas in Rock Hall had boats blown off their jack stands.??? It has been a memorable storm. We hope you have dodged that bullet and are snug in a good anchorage or are not getting those conditions.
    It is nice you could watch the Eagles win their first Super Bowl. As you can imagine, those of us here in the Philly burbs have not come down off that high. ?
    Thanks for the report from the Bahamas. We look forward to hearing of your adventures.

    Fair winds, smooth sailing and enjoy making good friendships,

    Leslie and Clayton


    1. Hello Leslie and Clay. I know Tango will enjoy the waters of the Bahamas. Haven’t seen the Facebook images but we did have some big swell here the other day on Exuma Sound. Eleuthera’s east coast is exposed to open ocean so I can imagine how big the swell could be. Sounds like you’re weather is awful. We’ve had wind into the 30’s a couple of times but nothing too crazy.


  2. Phebe you look bundled up when you hooked that beautiful fish. Was it cold or just early and the sun was not warming up yet? Also your mascot Moo Cow looks like a pony to me. Have I lost something in translation?




    1. It was both early and cold. Warmed up nicely later in the sunshine. Moo Cow belonged to our Grandson until he gave him to Phebe this summer to keep her company. He’s 10 now and has had him since he was two, when he named him Moo Cow, although he does look a lot like a horse. He’s fun to have around.


  3. Eleuthera is one of those places we didn’t get to in 2017. Looks fabulous. Planning to go there on our 2018/2019 trip. Hopefully, we’ll cross paths again then!

    Ed & Joan S/V Dolce Vita


    1. We really did enjoy Eleuthera. There’s quite a bit there if you slow down to enjoy it. Glad to hear that you’re doing it again next year. We don’t have plans beyond this season but odds are good that we’ll cross paths. Take care.


  4. Winter still has a pretty firm grip on Montana. Three feet of snow last week at Big Mt. Thanks for posting and the pictures.


    1. Nice to hear from you. Hope you’re enjoying your skiing with all the fresh snow. Our friends Matt and Bernice from Bernoulli are Lake Superior sailors. Thought of you yesterday as Matt was telling a story about transporting some divers and 25 tanks to Isle Royal on his Oday 25 back in the day. Take care. Say hi to Linda for us.


  5. Curious; did you land that barracuda? Do you eat them? That Mahi Mahi; was beautiful wonderful supper I’m sure. How about the crabs; did you eat them? Looks like a beautiful fun time; continue to stay safe!!! We (Cort) finally get to use the new snow blower today. After last year we decided no matter how much retired time you have it wasn’t enough to clear all the snow by hand; so we gave in and purchased a snowblower.


    1. Hi Paulette and Cort. We brought the breach’s to the boat and released it. Some people eat them but they can carry the disease ciguatera. I personally don’t want to have those sharp teeth on board. The crabs were kind of small so they went back to sea as well. Totally agree on the snowblower. Tried the shoveling thing once and went back to the snowblower.


  6. Glad to see you guys are still living the life,weather has been challenging this year for boaters.
    Keep on adjusting those sails & enjoy
    Judi & allan


    1. Thanks Judy. The weather so far has been a mix of good and bad. Bad meaning it’s sometimes been to windy to travel. One nice thing so far has been fewer cold fronts that bring winds from awkward directions. No complaints from Team Noodin. Take care.


  7. Enjoy hearing of your travels – jealous of the nice weather you are getting to – I am SO tired of winter and snow . . . keep safe, and we really like seeing your pictures!

    Faye and Bart


    1. Thanks Faye. We’ve been hearing a lot about snow and cold lately and we don’t miss it all. There are things that we miss, family and friends. Winter, not so much. Take care and take heart. If I remember right winter should be about over.


  8. Ron and Phebe
    I just want to let you know that I enjoy reading your posts and picture. What an incredible journey for both of you. Stay safe.


    1. Thanks Lu. Hope all is going good for you guys. We drove through the old neighborhood last summer and it’s so different after the fire. Must have been a terrible time.


  9. You guys sound good. So much snow here our snow blower and 4 wheeler with blade still makes it hard to move the snow away. At least having fun crafting home brew in retirement. Take care, looking forward to seeing you this summer.


    1. Glad to hear you’re retired now. Shouldn’t it quit snowing soon? Envious of the brewing. The cupboards here on Noodin are nearly bare of the hoppy beers.


  10. It was indeed bittersweet to part ways in Eleuthera! Thanks for leading the way on the open ocean crossing and sharing the Mahi Mahi!


  11. It’s always so nice to read about your adventures! Those strong winds do NOT sound fun at all! All the photos are great and Phebe, what a fisherwoman you are!!! The friendships you make along the way all sound so special and fun. You really have a cool sailing community!
    Blaze mentioned that Brian gave him a call out of the blue! He said it was GREAT to hear from him!!


    1. It has been a more social year for us. Helps with being home sick. Nice to hear that the boys chatted a bit. I’m sure winter at the lake as been enjoyable. Probably catching more fish than Noodin. We keep trying. Thanks for the comment. Phebe here.


  12. Always some excitement and fun! Thanks for sharing your adventures and the great pictures! We love hearing from you.


    1. Thanks so much for following along. We hope all is going well for you and Dan. Have you talked him into retiring yet?


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