A Trip to Manjack

Sunset over the anchorage at Manjack Cay

We had a few days of windy weather after Christmas that kept us snuggled in at Black Sound but it eventually gave way to sunny and settled weather. We had a couple of days before Junkanoo at Green Turtle Cay so we, and many other boats ventured off to nearby Manjack Cay ( pronounced Munjack Key) for some different scenery. It was our first time to Manjack but won’t be our last. Manjack is privately owned but the owners are extremely boater friendly. They allow boaters to come ashore and use miles of trails and to enjoy the beaches and mangrove creeks.

The highlight of the visit was exploring the mangrove creeks. These are tidal creeks through the mangroves that are abundant with life. We timed our trip for a rising tide with the sun overhead for great visibility.

The creek was wide near its mouth

The depth of the creek was mostly in the 2-3′ range, just deep enough for dinghy exploration. The creek narrowed as we continued and had different branches to explore. We lost count of the turtles that we saw but guess the number to be about three dozen. Add to that ten rays and three sharks and it was an awesome trip.

A narrower part of the creek
Can you find the turtle?

The hiking trails were surprisingly well maintained with a variety of vegetation and lead from beach to beach to beach. Two of the three beaches were on the Sea of Abaco and one on the Atlantic Ocean. The sea of Abaco is beautiful but oh that ocean!

Sea of Abaco beach
Another Sea of Abaco Beach
The Atlantic Ocean at the end of the trail
Site of our end of the year polar plunge

We got back to Black Sound New Year’s Eve so we could watch Junkanoo the next day. 2018 was closed out with a great meal on board and several games.

Team Noodin wishes you the best in the new year and always.

For those of you who ask “What do you eat on the boat?” – New Year’s Eve surf and turf

4 thoughts on “A Trip to Manjack

  1. Wonderful, looks and sounds beautiful. We are seeing dolphins here and manatees. Still have our eyes open for turtles. Keeping I. Mind we are at cocoa beach florida. Happy New Year !! We enjoy your postings.. Love and Hugs Patty and Tom


    1. Gotta love the sea life. Manjack was wonderful. Look forward to catching up with you guys when we’re back in the states. Congrats on the new house. It looks beautiful.


  2. Happy New Years to you guys! It looks beautiful there!! We will try to keep you posted on our adventures. We leave for Antigua on Jan 21. Fingers crossed ⛵️


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